Struggling to gain more prospect  and ecosystem engagement in a specific technology or commerce area?

Surveys have shown that being associated with a "domain" of interest and engaging and interacting with people of similar interests gains immediate trust and creates bonds around a common set of ideas.

Let's talk about how sponsoring a JAAGNet Domain Community can put you "Top of Mind" with  people visiting our JAAGNet Domain Communities! 

​JAAGNet Domain Sponsorship 

The way to get more ecosystem engagement within your area of interest!

JAAGNet has opened its growing number of Domain Communities for sponsorship.


Sponsorships are:

  • Bookable by the month and will be limited to five Standard sponsorships per domain. 
  • Opened up on a rolling 3 months advanced calendar.
  • Available at a company level and a valid representative with their company e-mail and company name will be able to register.

Key features of our sponsorship program are listed below:

  • Sponsor Profile

    The sponsor's "image"  and brief company profile  is available to everyone visiting the Domain community  and can be linked to their website or a specific community blog for more detailed information on the sponsor.  

  • Sponsor Discussion Forum

    Sponsors will be able to contribute their own discussion Forum questions, during their sponsorship month. So they can attract both public and member interaction with them. 

  • Sponsor Poll Questions

    Sponsors will be able to post their own questions for ongoing survey answers. These polls and answers will remain viewable after the sponsorship period. 

  • Coming Soon: Sponsor Group Interaction

    More information to follow.

Pricing Plans

Choose the plan that suits your needs.


NOW thru End of November 2020 Only

Limited Time Offer!


  • Same features as Standard Sponsor

  • No Credit Card Required


Engage with public and domain community members visiting the domain.


  • aSponsor ProfilePlder

  • aSponsor ForumPlder

  • aSponsor PollsPlder


Higher levels of engagement through a variety of channels  with both public and private level of interactions. 


  • Same features  as Standard Sponsor

  • Increased levels of engagement in both private and  public domains.

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